48 rue du Fbg Poissonnière

Photography : Guillaume COLLANGES    

At 48 rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière, the families camped outdoors for more than two months while waiting to be relocated.
Women and children while away the time in the tent.
An August rainstorm cools the Paris summer.
The children play in the building’s courtyard. At night, the rats take over.
The two little girls in the foreground have developed a skin disease. The room where they live with their parents is one of the most unfit in the building.
A gift of candy
A summer in Paris
Dialika will find a new home inside Paris.
Tea time for a Senegalese family. Like most of the people in the building, the parents of this family work and are legally documented residents.
A meeting with the DAL advocacy group. The activists discuss negotiations and the actions planned for the next day.
A stairway
An interior
Learning prayers
Preparing the meal
The apartment where two little girls developed skin diseases
A couple and their daughter live in a 9-square-meter room.
After-school snack
Koran reading
The families slept outdoors for more than two months.
A doorway in the night